• ATV Four Play, XP1K - SWB-047 -4" Rear end


    ATV Four Play, XP1K - SWB-047  -4" Rear end

    Introducing ATV Four Play’s XP1K-SWB-047. This product will revolutionize how the Polaris XP1K and Polaris XP1K Turbo will perform in short course and GNCC style racing venues. 

    We took the stock 2017 Polaris XP1K which has a wheel base of 90” and shortened the entire rear end to 86”. 

    Why? Because the 90” wheel base is just too long to maneuver in tight areas.

    By shortening the wheel base, this will allow the vehicle to respond faster in corners. In addition, this will put the weight of the engine directly over the axles, radius arms and wheels. Which will result in less wheel spin and provide more traction.

    Please note: We haven’t tested this application on hill climbing. But we’re quite confident that it WILL NOT be the best choice to use this product if you intend to climb steep hills. Unless you are installing this on a XP1K-4.

    Attention Polaris XP1K (4) seaters! This will significantly assist in the turning radius and make your rear suspension work much better.

    The XP1K-SWB-047 consists of the following components:

    2- ATV Four Play -4” race edition trailing arms

    4- ATV Four Play -4” adjustable Race edition radius arms

    4- Heavy duty 5/8” 4130 heim joints and jam nuts

    4- Heavy duty Uniballs, spacers and O-rings