• ATV Four Play's DRR Mini quad steering stem


    ATV Four Play, DRR Gen. II Anti-vibe Steering Stem

    This item is essential when purchasing our DRR A arms.

    Our Anti- vibration steering stem is calibrated to be used with our DRR A arm package. The stem flag uses a thicker plate and is angled to allow more travel in the tie rod ends. In addition, the flag is raised to help reduce the inherited problem of " Bump-steer". The upper A arm's are substantially shorter than the lower A arms. When the ATV suspension is in full extension. The tires tend to "toe-in". This is caused by the upper and lower A arm length and a combination with the tie rods.  By using our A arms and this steering stem. The bump steer is significantly reduced. 

    Please note, because the flag is raised. You must lift the front of the CVT motor up by modifying the stock motor mounts or replacing the front motor mounts with an aftermarket set.

    Handle bar clamp is not included.

    • 4130 Chromoly steel tubing
    • HD tie rod flag
    • Gusseted Flag
    •  Tig welded
    • CNC stem bottom
    • Substantially stronger and performs much better than stock.
    • Calibrated with our Long travel A arms.