ATV Four Play, Honda Standard travel, XC Area-51 Full kit


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ATV Four Play, Honda Standard travel, XC Area-51 Full kit – INCLUDES STEERING STEM and Clamp.

​​Long travel kit – MSRP $1750.00 Powder coated/ Bare $1650.00
Standard Travel Kit – MSRP $1630.00 Powder coated/ Bare $1,530.00

Long travel and standard travel options available.

Still using our proven ATV Four Play’s Honda +1 MGC, lower XC A arm. We decided to mix things up a little for the woods racer.
We use the OEM Suzuki LTR450’s spindles, brakes and hubs on a 06’-14’ TRX450 chassis. We also added our TRX450 anti-vibe steering stem with a modified and calibrated steering flag. This modified flag will accept the OEM LTR450 tapered tie rod ends. Which stay in place better due to a taper, rather than the Honda non-tapered tie rod end. That sometimes become loose and “eggs out” the stem flag.   We also moved the flag in a different location to aid in the “bump-steer”.
A completely different approach to caster adjustment. We use a HD ½-20 chromoly rod end in the front of the upper A arm. Then we made the rear of the upper A arms with the OEM style pivot tube. Which is intended to use a spherical bearing, clips, seals and spacers. By doing this, we are capable of adjusting the caster quickly and securely by only adjusting the front rod end. Because the rear pivot uses a spherical bearing. Thus allowing adjustments ranging from -12 degrees’ to +12 degrees’ caster without any binding or seal separation.

The kit includes:
(2) Lower ATV Four Play, +1” Chromoly steel A arms.
(2) Adjustable ATV Four Play, +1” upper A arms.

(1) TRX/LTR anti vibe steering stem and billet bar clamp.
(2) HD ½” rod ends.
(2) HD +1” female style tie rods. Tie rod ends are not included.
(1) ATV Four Play, Area-51 anti-vibe steering stem.
(1) ATV Four Play, Billet aluminum anti-vibe handle bar clamp.
(4) FRAP sealed ball joints.

Please note the pivot areas of this Honda product does not include the required OEM style bearings, seals, spacers and clips.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 26 in
Color Options*

Red, Gloss black, Textured Black, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Bare

Steering Stem Clamp*

1 1/8", 7/8"